10 Amazing Gift Ideas You Can Give to Moms-to-be

10 Amazing Gift Ideas You Can Give to Moms-to-be

Choosing a baby shower gift can be tricky and fun! Give helping hand to the mom-to-be to celebrate her joyous occasion with these stunning baby shower gift ideas. These ideas are nothing less than guarantee to put a smile on the baby’s and mom’s face.

1: Bedding for the Baby

Snugly, soft, and itching-free fleecy throws, baby blankets, receiving blankets, decorated with cheerful lambs, funky teddy bears, and ducks always proved be a wonderful addition to any nursery. Also, baby linen requires frequent washing, thus new mom-to-be will feel relieved to have some extra stuff on washing day!

2: Nursing Pillow

This special support pillow plays dual role as nursing pillows and toy for the kid. It is wonderful to help tired and sore arms with feeding the first few months and helps your baby play and develop later. It has also many covers and styles.

3: Nappies – Off Course!

If there’s anything that a new mom needs (other than some moments of uninterrupted sleep), it is an endless quantity of nappies!

However, keeping aside the same old packet, use your imagination a bit. Provide the delighted mom-to-be a ‘nappy-cake’! You easily receive these cakes in the supermarket. You can see dozen of nappies, all arranged and rolled up in layers giving a ‘tier’ effect.

The ‘icing’ on the nappy cake can be a pack of baby products like baby shampoo, lotions, baby bath wash basin, and baby oil. Also, you will remember your gift for long after your baby has outgrown the nappies.

4: Baby Carrier or Sling

The new modern mum hardly remains glued to her bed. There are always dozens of chores waiting for her. Giving her a carrier or a baby sling is one of the nice ways to assure she enjoys mobility to do her work while her little one is strapped comfortably either around her back or her waist.

A bonus is that a snuggling contact with mom or dad helps in strengthening the bond between parent and child.

5: Baby Bath

Help new moms taking the tees out of bathing her newborn by making it a robust bonding experience. Make baby’s bathing moment super fun with an eye-catching baby bath made by a quality baby bath tub supplier.

Play safe, choose a size that is fit for all babies. Unload a mild soap and baby shampoo that is safe for sensitive skin of the newborn. Also, use a hooded towel and a soft washcloth in which mom can wrap and dry her baby. There is no bath without a rubber bright yellow duck, isn’t it? A fine baby bath can make mom-baby time a relaxing one.

6: Bouncy Seats

Babies love to bounce. Period. And her squeals of delight will allow mum and dad to complete pending chores as she one happily bounces on a bouncy seat. These seats are completely safe and provide entertainment for the baby as well (all that wiggling and jiggling is such fun!) Many seats come are battery-operated to allow for a rhythmic bouncing experience for the little one.

7: Baby Monitor

If the new mom has decided to let her baby sleep in a different area, then she will appreciate the gift of a baby monitor. A receiver of portable baby monitor that can be placed on the table bedside her. Now mother and dad can enjoy a moment or two of shut-eye knowing that the monitor will surveil their dear-to-heart baby and wake them up if required.

8: Baby ‘Gym’

Help her newborn’s visual skills to develop by providing her a lovely activity mat. This is typically a device, which includes a clothing mat that has colorful rattlers, a lot of toys, and other objects in different shapes, colors, and sizes dangle from arches or bars. All these are within the newborn’s reach and can happily remain fun for hours, reaching and playing out for all dangling goodies! These can be great while travelling as well.

9: Help the Mom Keep Her Energy Conserved!

Gift a home delivery service of hot food to the new mom to see through the postpartum disorder that is inevitable when she needs to awake all night.

10: Sentimental Keepsakes

This can be a journal for baby memory, for logging all the priceless daily baby nuggets or a lovely keepsake box. The new mother can preserve her baby’s first hair lock and the first tooth.

There are some other baby gifts that can work as well:

  • An entire baby care kit (baby powder, disposable nappies, baby oil, rash cream, soft hair brush, cotton swabs, baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby wipes, and so on);
  • Silver cup;
  • Teething rings or even customized photo frames, if you know beforehand about the gender and name of the newborn

The concept is to offer what you imagine is best and ensure your gift is both practical and awesome.

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