6 SEO Opportunities You Should Grab In 2019

6 SEO Opportunities You Should Grab In 2019

Change is constant. And, it is characteristic of SEO. It is for this reason that you should never be rigid when it comes to search engine optimization. The rules and the trends are incredibly dynamic. However, this is no excuse for you to slack. You should be able to keep up with them for you to be able to make the most out of SEO, more so, be on top of the game.

The ability to adapt and embrace the SEO trends is emphasized because what used to work before, may not reap you the same benefits today. There is no point in wasting time, take any SEO opportunities you spot and win. Every year comes with new trends and opportunities, 2019 has not been any different. It would not be fair for your SEO efforts if you paid a blind eye to the following six opportunities.

1. Link building

Link building is not a new term. You have probably come across the falsehood about the demise of link building, and it is something that you should ignore. There has been endless research concerning the same: link building is so much alive. The catch is that the strategies that usually worked in 2010 may be obsolete in 2019. In recent years, Google has worked in warding off spammy tactics that entail link building. Your site could be penalized for using low-quality links. While not so many webmasters may be aware of white-hat tactics for link building, it could be an excellent opportunity for you.

Embark on build linking by growing your link profile at the most natural pace. Additionally, you have to consider creating useful and quality content that would be worth linking to. Also, it is essential to focus on developing a relationship within your niche instead of directing all your energy towards accumulating as many links as your hands can come across, as per SEO trends 2019 the tactic is no more than vain. That said, note that keeping your efforts legitimate will pay off.

2. The world is going mobile

It is no secret that the world is going mobile. How often do you search using mobile devices in comparison to using a desktop? You can support that 60% of Google searches originate from mobile devices. You should view this as an opportunity to upgrade your SEO game. For this reason, Google has seen to it that the user experience of mobile browsing has been enhanced by introducing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It has greatly reduced the bounce rate and increased the dwell time in mobile searches. What does this mean? AMPs are good for the health of your SEO. More so, it is an opportunity for you to tap the market that is likely to interact with your brand through mobile devices.

If you have not implemented AMP, it is time for you to go on board.

3. Voice Search

Reports show that as time goes by, the accuracy of voice recognition in searching increases: hitting 5.1% word error rate. More so, the number of voice recognition tools in the market keeps increasing. As everything gets better concerning voice search, so does the number of voice searches being done increase. Google reports revolving around SEO trends 2019-2020 show that 20% of mobile queries have been done through voice search, also predicting that by 2020, the searches will have increased to 50%.

It is why you should immediately implement voice search in your SEO. To do so, you will have to create long-tail keywords to take care of people with concise queries, incorporate a conversational tone in your content and create an FAQ page as it will help you understand how your visitors frame their questions and also provide them with clear responses.

4. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are becoming the in thing. The purpose of these apps is to provide user functionality specifically to mobile devices. It is meant to allow the user to work offline, get push applications and make the mobile web faster to mention a few. The opportunity lies in the fact that PWAs have become a new trend and standard for the mobile web, and world-known enterprises are also employing it.

5. Structured Data

Structured data is a unique and perfect way of improving your SEO ranking. Structured data is a term used to refer to the standard format of presenting information on a page and classifying the content of your page. Structured data play a significant rule in enhancing the user experience.

Structured data offers you an opportunity to create an air of authority around your brand and improve your listing on SERPs.

6. Wiser way to spend Crawl Budget

Crawl Budget refers to the number of pages that Google can be able to crawl in your website. Crawl budget optimization is one of the most dominating SEO trends in 2019 owing to its vital nature. It can be done by ensuring that your site is as healthy and appealing as possible. It can be accomplished by getting rid of any unnecessary redirect chains, broken links, keeping your sitemap neat and working on the slow pages
You cannot afford to ignore the six opportunities, put them to the test and you will get good results on https://serpbook.com

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