5 Ways To Make Your Website More User-Friendly In 2022

5 Ways To Make Your Website More User-Friendly In 2022

Making your website user-friendly or let’s say even more user-friendly this year is quite possible. You just have to add a few more functionalities. Dial down the animations and special effects a little and focus more on features. And yes, nobody can forget response times. Let’s discuss it in a little detail:

Website More User-Friendly In 2022

1. Did Somebody Say Response Times?

You have to make your website much more responsive than it was last year. If it took 3 seconds to load in 2021, make sure that it loads within one second in 2022. Make it lightweight. Cut down on animations a little. Your users are getting more and more impatient. They want instant gratification and the only way to ensure this is to make your website more responsive and reduce its loading time significantly.

2. Make It Mobile-Friendly

A lot of enterprises invest in not one but two versions of their websites. One version is for their desktop users and the other is for their mobile users. Research suggests that a major chunk of your users prefer to shop online. Ever since the pandemic, this number has risen tremendously and you need to make the most of this opportunity. If you do not have a second version of your original website or if you have failed to make it mobile compatible, it is time to do that right now.

3. Super-Fast Search Functionality

Do you know how easy it becomes for your users to navigate across your website if you have a super-fast search functionality? Your visitor does not want to scour through a long list of pages. He just wants to click on a single page that has what they want. Ask your Backend Development Company to include a responsive and customizable search panel that has numerous filters. This is going to make your website a lot more user-friendly than it has ever been before.

4. A Plethora Of Payment Options

Not just debit cards or credit cards but your users want practically every payment option there is under the sky on your website. They want digital wallets. They want online bank transfers. They want QR codes. They want everything and if you are not able to deliver, they are going to switch to your competitors within no time.

5. Social Media Makes You Win

Social media channels can get you a lot more traffic. They can get you a lot closer to your monthly sales targets. You must put your social media links on your website. Make the icons more attractive colorful and easier to see. Keep your users in the loop whether it is a discount or a cashback offer. Keep them informed about any new product launches that you may have planned for in the future. This is a great way to not just become friendly but become good friends with them.

Final Thoughts

These were just a few quick ideas to make your website more user-friendly in 2022. You can think of a lot of other ways as well. It is time to get creative. Let’s do it.



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