5 Simple Podcasting Moves that Work for Marketers

5 Simple Podcasting Moves that Work for Marketers

Over the past few years, audio content is mostly seen as a great technique to strengthen the traditional marketing. In 2015, almost 5,200 marketing and management podcasts were produced.

As most of the analysts note down the standard 10-20% growth in consumption every year, the data headline on the podcasts portrays an entirely different picture. In the United States, approximately 67 million people listen to the podcast monthly, nearly 42 million people listen to it every week.

According to an estimated report, nearly 30% of the Americans at least once have heard the podcast. The percentage increased up to 9% to what it was in 2008. It has become so popular that even New York magazine has gone to great lengths to dub the Great Podcast Renaissance.

Podcasts are quite adequate for the listeners as they are cost-friendly, and provide an excellent opportunity for the marketers. In B2B marketing, Podcasts have been used for many different purposes. Most of the organizations plan out their strategy according to their podcasts. Some of the podcasting elements that need consideration are as follows:

1) Topic:

On the iTunes Podcast app, a search for marketing term showed almost thousands of episodes and nearly 500 episodes. This means that the marketing of Podcasts is vast and B2B marketers can genuinely benefit from this aspect. The market for the topic is quite extensive, and there is a fair share of competition. However, in order for you to excel in this prospect, you need to be concise about your topic and focus on a specific market for it.

2) Length:

Podcasts have different lengths as per their subjects. Most of the Podcasts range from one minute to three hours. Therefore, the length of your show relies heavily on the content and nature of your product. For instance, if you are to serve the business organizations you can post a minute recording, giving industry tips or to target more sectors. You can choose a specific topic and organize talk shows which would be informative and helpful for the listeners. Once again, the target audience is necessary.

3) Frequency:

It is entirely up to you to release your Podcast. Be it weekly, monthly or daily, it all depends on the content and the audience. Consistency is a crucial factor here, and it’s essential to post it regularly so that the listeners don’t forget about you. Joe Pulizzi from the Content Marketing Institute answered it very accurately that the content should be consistent. It should either be weekly, daily or monthly.

4) Format:

What one of the essential factors involved in podcasting is the fact that it is in audio form; however, podcasts can also be made in video formats. The advantage of this is the ability to upload the podcast to YouTube or Facebook pages for secure promotion on the channels.

5) Distribution:

You have to ask this question to yourself: How your show is going to be distributed? Buffer has provided with important tricks and techniques for creating the podcasts and later onwards putting them on iTunes for the public, but this shouldn’t stop you. It is vital to remember that nearly 51 percent of the listeners tune in a while traveling or doing something, while the majority of them listen on their computers. Therefore, the best method is by attracting both the sides of it by placing the podcasts on iTunes and websites.

According to the Edison research, placing the podcast on podcast apps also get many listeners who might be your targeted audience.

Some of the podcasts for B2B marketing that every listener to follow is as follows:

1) The B2B Inbound Marketing Expert:

Hosted by Greg Elwell, the founder of B2B Inbound hosts the podcasts with innovators, thought leaders, authors and most important of all subject leaders. These interviews are in detail and cover majority of the B2B topics like inbound marketing, social business, technology and content marketing.

As per the guidelines provided on the iTunes, the main objective of the podcast is to motivate and captivate the listeners to make appropriate changes in their lives and work respectively.

2) Marketing Smarts:

A podcast hosted by MarketingProfs, an organization which provides all sorts of information through seminars and conferences, blogs, newsletters, and articles.

This weekly 30-minute podcast unites marketing experts and professionals from all across the globe in the industry, business-to-business to talk about important marketing topics like networking, content marketing, and marketing measurement.

3) Strategy-Driven:

This famous podcast show is hosted by Sharon Drew Morgen, New York Times best-selling author and a renowned blogger created a series of podcasts named Strategy Driven.

The series revolves around 11 podcasts which focuses management change. Morgen also created the Buying Facilitation Model, talks about the change from the perspective of the buyer and also covers other B2B topics. A list containing all of her podcasts can be found on her website.

4) Marketing over Coffee:

Hosted by Christopher Penn and John Wall every Thursday morning, these two guys discuss B2B marketing and other marketing related topics in a coffee shop.

They talk about social media platforms and how they are transforming the business in the advertising, they sometimes also talk about the non-conventional methods of the B2B marketing and how companies can gain profit from it.

These fun and informative podcasts are enjoyable to listen, and they sometimes invite renowned marketing specialists and professors to discuss the latest trends in marketing.


Even though investment in podcasts might prove to be a tricky step, they do provide results. If you attain the right audience for your content, they not only listen to your podcast but also forward it to others. The critical factor is to post content frequently to keep the channel active and informative at the same time.


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