5 Noteworthy Tips to Find the Best Suppliers.

Once you’re done with picking the products you wish to sell, a crucial question that should pop up in your head is, “how do I find my suppliers?”. In 2016, there were around 5.72 million B2B enterprises in the US. Still, many business owners weren’t able to find the right suppliers to reach out to.

Well, it may seem a bit tricky to connect with the best suppliers for your products, but with the right techniques, you can make that possible within no time. Wondering how? Take a look at five of the best tips to find suppliers for your business.

1. Represent Your Business at B2B Trade Shows

One of the best places to interact with potential suppliers is at a B2B trade show. These events are organized in various nations, and many international business representatives are invited.

As a small or new business, if you can get your hands on contact details of some of the best suppliers in one of these trade shows, you’ll end up in a win-win position before you know it.

2. Become an Active Member on Various Online Forums

In the modern business environment, we can’t deny the importance of digital techniques to find relevant suppliers. One such method is to register on top business-related online forums. These forums have thousands, and sometimes even millions of active users.

New threads are published every now and then, and you can capitalize on this opportunity by finding and interacting with the right people. You can either start your own threads to connect with suppliers or simply search for posts relevant to your niche.

3. Subscribe to Leading Trade Magazines and Journals

If you can’t make it to a trade show or go online, you can still subscribe to a good trade magazine. You’ll find that many leading organizations advertise on such trade journals with offers or simply for brand awareness.

However, don’t try to save money by subscribing for low-quality magazines as you’ll only be missing on valuable information.

4. Going Through That Big Old Phone Directory

Now that we have Google Maps, the importance of traditional phone directories has reduced significantly. However, you can’t always trust what you find online.

On the other hand, phone directories have a history of providing authentic contact details. All you have to do is create a list of relevant businesses. Once that’s done, look for phone directories of various regions and countries.

5. Signup on the Best Online Trade Directory

If you want your business to become a notable enterprise without actually having to make many efforts, then simply signup at an online trade directory. Such platforms are ideal for small and new businesses to become recognized enterprises within their respective industry. Not only that, trade directories like ExportHub have the potential to connect your brand with millions of verified suppliers and buyers. So sign up today and get access to a directory filled with verified and guaranteed suppliers. Now that you know how you can find good suppliers, start working towards guiding your business to success.


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