5 Crucial Tips to Find International Buyers in 2019

As a business relying on its exports, finding the right buyers is one of the toughest tasks. – Especially, if you are an SMB or a startup.

Selling your products in another country is never easy. You have to adapt to their language, cultural norms and reduce travel barriers for success. In fact, according to a recent research, 50% of the buyers you connect to aren’t even a right fit for what you sell.

However, with the help of technology, many things have gotten smoother and more comfortable to do. That means, with the right approach and use of modern tech-oriented buyer hunting techniques, you can grow your B2B enterprise and find clients in no time. Here are five crucial tips to find international buyers for your B2B company in 2019.

1. Establish an Effective Sales Team

Have you heard people saying that cold calling is a dead sales technique? Though it is known to be a traditional marketing strategy, you can still capture leads by making calls. All you need is the right team and training to generate exceptional results. Over 41% respondents in a survey have stated that a phone is still the most effective sales tool.

Other than that, your sales team can also utilize digital strategies as well. They can convince users while chatting with them on a live chat session, or simply by introducing an email marketing campaign. Communication is a crucial aspect of finding relevant buyers for your products.

2.     Connect With a Digital Marketing Service Provider

If you are still new to digital marketing, it’s always better that you consult a digital marketing agency instead of trying to do it on your own. Digital marketing is known as a cost-efficient strategy to boost brand awareness and generate high-quality leads. However, if not done with the right approach and experience it can lead to you wasting all your money. Therefore, find an excellent B2B digital marketing agency that can leverage your business.

3. Visit International B2B Trade Shows

B2B trade shows are where you’ll see many buyers looking for good exporters to buy from. These importers are familiar with international trading so they won’t mind listening to you in such an event regardless of which country they belong too. A B2B trade event is a perfect platform for your brand’s awareness in the international market as a credible exporter.

4.     Collaborate With an International Business

If you are facing difficulties in dealing with global clients, you can become a joint venture or partner up with an international organization that has experience dealing with international buyers. Though this technique may require you to share power, it’s much better than leading your business towards a complete shutdown!

5. Register Your Business on an Online B2B Marketplace

If you are running a startup or an SMB, we’re pretty sure your expenses are what worry you the most. These expenses are what hold many businesses back from making the right investment decisions in marketing. However, if you are operating on a shoe budget and still wish to become a notable brand by gaining online presence, all you have to do is simply sign up on an online B2B marketplace. B2B platforms like ExportHub are dedicated to helping buyers meet suppliers from any place on Earth. A global network like theirs is what can help you find the best B2B buyers. So Sign up today and get your hands on a list of guaranteed buyers.


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